From The Margins: From a Moment to a Movement

  • The development of a standing meeting/working group in the SE/SF ecosystem, to work towards advancing inclusion, diversity, equity and access. Performance indicators as well as tools for measuring this work are an important mandate of this group.
  • D&I policy promotion and development amongst IRP partners and ecosystem stakeholders within their respective orgs.
  • The development and implementation of an intermediary specifically for the African Canadian community in the Social Finance Fund.
  • Ecosystem partners collaborate for the development of a self-determined fund to engage the traditionally under-represented Canadians in the SF/SE ecosystem through small catalyst grants and non-repayable loans. The aforementioned priority actions are not demands or even recommendations, these are actions that SETSI as well as our partners and allies are working towards executing. We are seeking authentic allies and collaborators to exponentially scale the work we have begun. African Canadians and numerous other equity-seeking groups have been maltreated, both unintentionally and callously, by various professional disciplines. Social responsibility sentiments are not enough to combat systemic oppression.
Author/Writer: Victor Beausoleil



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SETSI Publications

SETSI Publications


The Social Economy through Social Inclusion (SETSI) model aims to tell a story, change minds, shift perspectives, and grow communities.